19th November, 2012

Wow I just had a totally awkward experience viewing an anime I randomly found

The art is so oldschool but I love it, and the story was going really well, very cute and such…it’s about a 27-year-old guy who finds his 15-year-old long-lost sister; things are awkward at first, but he grows to love her. It’s all kinds of sweet.

Suddenly he starts spanking it to the thought of her while smelling her bra?!?! JESUS HELL I WAS NOT PREPARED GEE THANKYEE FOR THAT JAPAN HE’S 12 YEARS OLDER THAN HER.
…Actually given the premise of the show, I totally SHOULD have expected it…?

I think not watching it for so long has made me forget how non-censored it can get, like, they’re not afraid to explore taboo shit especially in relationships.

Only question is, to keep watching or not, it’s still a good anime?


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  2. sickvisionz answered: I’m watching it. It’s a good show so far but yes, him sniffing her undies and jacking off to her is a bit “that’s anime for you” tho…
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